Why juice pasteurization is required?

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Raw fruit and vegetable juices have high nutritive value but high possibility of bacterial contamination, making it risky for consumption. Moreover, raw juices have very less shelf life which again restricts the consumer from being able to store and enjoy the drink for a prolonged period of time. Pasteurization is one of the most popularly applied method for processing of fruit juices, fruit based juices. Fresh juices are active ground for live pathogens, which multiply fast when not contained with proper processing. Pasteurised juices become safe for consumption with reduced risk of infection. It also makes the juice last longer in good condition as the growth of microogranisms is eliminated.

The pasteurization process destroys pathogenic microorganisms by heating the product to a specific high temperature for a brief period and cool down to desired temperature as required for the end packaging. The most common fruits and vegetables processed through pasteurization or aseptic processing are: mango, orange, guava, pomegranate, apples, pineapples, tomatoes and others. 

HRS has a range of pasteurization systems designed for various types of juices. These systems enable continuous thermal processing of juices. They are custom-design to suit capacity ranging from 2000 LPH up to 40,000 LPH depending on customer requirement. The ECOFLUX* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger (CTHE) MI Series is the key thermal processing equipment in the juice pasteurization process. It is also used for applications like pre-heating, heating, cooling, chilling processes as part of the overall plant set-up. 

HRS juice pasteurizer also consists of SS balance tanks, level switches, PID controllers, steam controller valves, sanitary valves for flow diversion, feed transfer pump. holding coils for complete control of the process. 

Role of HRS PSL in juice pasteurization? 

HRS is well known for providing pasteurization, aseptic processing systems and turnkey processing lines for beverage, fruit pulp processing industry. These range of systems are conformed to all hygiene and sanitary requirements of the process. Juice pasteurizers are skid mounted integrated with ECOFLUX* MI series corrugated tube heat exchangers which can be customized according to the process requirement. Corrugated tubes of the ECOFLUX* heat exchangers make it possible to achieve uniform product heating and increased shelf life of the end product. Turbulence created at the tube surface due to corrugated pattern results in minimal fouling in the system. The high heat transfer coefficient and negligible product fouling on the tube surface allows for continuous processing, longer running time and minimal maintenance requirements. 

What are the key components are included in Juice Pasteurizer? 

HRS juice pasteurizer consists of key components like ECOFLUX MI series corrugated tube heat exchanger, Stainless steel balance tank with level switches, PID Controllers, Modulating type steam controller valve, Sanitary type flow diversion valve, Centrifugal type feed/ transfer pump, Holding coil to heat the product at desired temperature.  

HRS offers juice pasteurizers which can configured in Hot fill for PET/REGB, Glass bottles, Cold Fill for carbonated fizzy drinks, Aseptic filling for brick filling. 

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