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(Mr. Avneet Singh, Founder Medusa Beverages Pvt Ltd.)

With development and evolution in the business sector, production in India has risen immensely. After the effective approach of the ‘Make in India’ campaign, our producers have provided a worldwide acknowledgement to the Indian economy. Likewise, before the end of the year 2022, India was destined to become the fifth largest assembling country in the world. However, due to the Covid pandemic, there was a vast decline of the economy and the market forces have eased back in the cocktail producing sector. 

The Covid flare-up and the ensuing lockdown has stopped most of the business operations. When the recuperation begins, serious energy and significant investment will be required for businesses to recover from the pandemic. This recovery will prove to be a trying time for each partner in the economy, especially the new businesses who are still discovering their place in the market. 

The misfortunes and losses in the hours of COVID-19 can be met by doing investigation and keeping the future secure. 

The nature of the market has consistently been dynamic. Therefore, the question arises; can doing investigation-based examinations help us know the conditions better? With logical methodology we can understand the upsides, downsides and the actions any cocktail manufacturer should produce once the havoc caused by the pandemic eases back down. Through relative examinations we can shape new techniques.

Receiving the 5 W’s- when, where, why, what, who and the 1H- how, allows us to get the subtleties, dissect derivations and subsequently make decisions to get to the statistical data points. These will be useful in the smooth progression of work inthe occasions to come, and will likewise fortify the situation with our fundamental ventures. 

Putting resources into social media presence, drawing in clients, and overcoming any barriers during the pandemic, is important to hold the local area together. 

Although individuals are enduring a lot, in the hour of need, we as the makers, need to view some powerful techniques which can bring about strides in order to accomplish positive outcomes.

SWOT Analysis of the market is to be done to adjust the presentation of new items in the business sector. It is important to detect the shift in the need of the clients, and take measures to respond to their change in demand to make progress.

Our government has effectively taken a few strides to develop and construct the assembling area in the country. 

Due to lack of making exacting preventative moves, Covid cases are increasing day by day. The pandemic has left its mark over the worldwide economy in a very short period of time. This lockdown adversity can be utilized to put into place powerful systems which can possibly become the most important as the lockdown scopes to its end. 

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