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Corporate Update

Corporate Update

Vaccine, a word no one thought people would be afraid of. Still, this is a hot topic among the people. Everybody is calculating the pros and cons, forgetting that it is called a vaccine – “a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against diseases”. 

But the major problem about the vaccines that we are not talking about is the scale of production, storage as well as transportation. To meet today’s demand, we need a well-organized infrastructure to manage, types of equipment, and resources to store and maintain them efficiently. 

At this time of the hour during the period of the corona crisis, there has been ‘n’ number of documents entitled with how to maintain good storage and distribution practices. This is high time to deal with the outbreak making it a more urgent task to vaccinate the world as soon as possible. The year 2020 was horrible, but the year after hasn’t brought any good news on the crisis except the vaccine.

Some of the documented guidelines that should be kept in mind for the storage and handling of the vaccine:

• Vaccine Storage and Temperature monitoring equipment

• Vaccine inventory management

• Preparation of vaccine and transportation

• Emergency vaccine storage and handling

Apart from these, trained staff to handle the storage is also a key point in the system.Production has been a problem but storage of the vaccines is equally contributing to the problem. The biggest challenge for storage and transportation is the ‘right temperature’. It determines the potency of the vaccine. 

Sticking to the guidelines could be effective in planning the vaccination well. And could help minimize the wastage of the one. 

The following is the step-by-step guideline on how to store the vaccines accurately. 

• The number of quantities required in that area is a major aspect keeping in mind the geographical area and the no of vaccines needed.

• The storage requirements of the vaccine. Do we have enough equipment to store the production unit keeping the right temperature conditions for the same?

• As temperature monitoring is a crucial aspect in the storage, therefore, maintaining what is the best way to monitor the temperature condition. 

• What are the preventions and corrections to ensure the effectiveness of the storage units? 

• Also, how to deliver this delicate storage is always been a vital concern. Delivering to the urban range has its own demands but the basic infrastructure is the huge obstacle in extending the vaccination deliveries to the rural ranges.

• Despite the number of guidelines and proper structure of storage, we have to deal with the wastage of vaccine units. And it is also a concern of managing the wasteful as well as used vaccines. 

To be more effectively active in the vaccination program, we need to plan acutely. The proper functioning of the storage and the distribution of the anti-dotes. Keep the guidelines in mind, can prove to soothe the system of transportation. Because perfection in the system can save lives. 

Crystal Group, a complete cold chain solution company associating with multiple vaccine manufacturing pharmaceuticals to store and distribute it throughout the country safe and sound. To know more about Crystal’s best vaccine storage & distribution solutions 

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