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Corporate Update

Corporate Update

• Syntegonparticipates in virtual event PACK EXPO Connects

• Video and Q&A sessions showcase intelligent and sustainable technologies

• Processing and packaging solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries

• Comprehensive services and digital solutions portfolio

Since the in-person PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO have been cancelled, the process and packaging technology specialist Syntegonis presenting its latest solutions at the virtually-hosted PACK EXPO Connects from November 9 to 13, 2020. In a series of video and Q&A sessions, Syntegon is showcasingits intelligent and sustainable technologies for the pharmaceutical and food industries – including customer servicesand digital solutions. Visitors can now register for PACK EXPO Connect sessions free of charge. The recordings of the Syntegon sessions remain online until March 2021.

Processing and packaging technology for a better life – an appropriate mission 

Due to COVID-19, major industry events and trade shows have been cancelled all over the world. This has not discouraged Syntegon from engaging with its international customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Quite the contrary: PACK EXPO Connects marks the second online event for Syntegon this year after their own virtual trade show in May. In times like this, the company is more determined than ever to improve the lives of consumers and patients by offering brand owners intelligent and sustainable solutions, including customer services and digital solutions.

Food exhibits: focus on sustainable solutions

For the food industry,Syntegon is showcasing its primary and secondary packaging portfolio, with a focus on sustainable solutions. In flow wrapping and bagging, Syntegon machines can run fully recyclable mono-material films and paper films. Carton blanks made from recycled fibres or grass fibre can be processed on their secondary and transport packaging equipment. 

American debut of Syntegon's Kliklok ACE 

The Kliklok Advanced Carton Erectorwas developed in close cooperation with customers. It was built with flexibility, ergonomics and speed in mind. The machine uses locks, glue or ultrasonic sealing to form a wide range of carton sizes.The carton hopper is low for easy and safe carton loading. Positive carton control is provided by the new patented flex feeder.

Pharmaceutical exhibits: long-standing processing and packaging expertise

For the pharmaceutical industry, Syntegonis demonstratingits long- standing processing and packaging expertise for solid dosage forms.With regard to liquid pharmaceuticals, Syntegonis presenting solutions ranging from small and micro batch sizes to high-performance machines.Participants will also gain insight into Syntegon's latest and most advanced automatic inspection technology and solutions for high-potent drug processing.

AIM 3000 for maximum inspection accuracy

Parenteral drugs administered in ampoules and vials, such as insulin or hormone therapies, must be of the highest purity.Particles in the product or container defects are not acceptable. Hence, in addition to sophisticated filling technology advanced inspection technology is essential.The AIM 3000 automatic inspection series utilizes high resolution CMOS cameras with high-speed interfaces to detect particles and cosmetic container defects. An optional module offers 100 percent container closure integrity testing (CCI). 

Services and digital solutions round off Syntegon’s PACK EXPO Connects exhibits

Syntegon is also presenting solutions from their new Service and Digital Solutions business unit, namely the remote service assistant, the Digital Shopfloor solutions, upgrade kits for Kliklok controls and upgrades for Kliklok and Woodman machines – two Syntegonbrands.

Digital Shopfloor Solutions

Syntegon’s cloud-based solutions help to optimize manufacturing requirements according to the needs of dynamic production plans and high-quality products. Derived from the machine profile, regular and preventive tasks linked with work instructions and documentation support machine operators with autonomous maintenance and easy operations. Optimization potentials can be recognized faster and downtime can be minimized.

The online PACK EXPO Connects event is organized by PMMI and runs from November 9 to 13. Syntegon is presenting its processing and packaging exhibits in a virtual showroom as well as hosting a series of video and Q&A sessions. The showroom and session recordings remain accessible online after the event. 

For More in Details Visit- https://www.syntegon.com/news/press-releases/2020-10-01-syntegon-goes-live-at-pack-expo-connects-2020

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