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Corporate Update

Corporate Update

Sidel has reached a new performance and quality milestone in the company's history bydeliveringits 5,000th labellerfor Ting Hsin International Group (Ting Hsin) in China. Having one of the largest installed basesof Sidel labellers in the world, Ting Hsinonce again chose Sidel, and its latest generation labelling solution EvoDECO, to meet today's market demands with an innovative labelling solution that is designed for greater flexibility, modularity and costefficiency. 

The long-term cooperation between Sidel and Ting Hsin dates back to 2005, when the first 20 labellers for water lines were installed. As one of the leading beverage players in the world, the famous beverage brand Master Kong is part of Ting Hsin, leading the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea segment in China with a 46% market shareand being one of the top two carbonated soft drink (CSD) manufacturers in China with around 30% market share  .Ting Hsin's emphasis on food and product safety is reflectedin the insistence on installing reliable equipment.

Many trends, influenced by regulations and consumers' healthy lifestyle choices and their concerns about the environment, are changing the beverage market in China at an incredible speed. People prefer to buy drinks from brands that embody their beliefs. Therefore, it is crucial for brands tomake every effort to optimisebrand experience with cost-efficient and sustainable production.Over the years, Sidel’s experience andinnovative solutionshave been proven by flexibility, modularity and reliability.

As the new addition to Ting Hsin's labeller family, the EvoDECO Roll-Fedis equipped with additional functions not previously available,such as the automatic vacuum drum cleaning system and automatic label removal both enabling consistent uptime. Based on a common core and optimised design, the labeller enablesthe delivery of different stock-keeping units (SKUs). The EvoDECOplatform can provide several labelling applications in one multi-technology machine or a single labelling application for optimised uptimeand lower total cost of ownership (TCO).The labeller design is also simplified, with greater attention paid to ergonomics for more user-friendly operation and reduced maintenance.

As one of the top three players inproviding labelling solutions worldwide, Sidel has continuously ensured and promoted the image ofvarious brands since1976. Atits dedicated labelling plant in Mantua, Italy, the company is not only manufacturing equipment with hot melt, cold glue, roll-fed and adhesive labelling applications for PET, glass and can containers in varied sizes, but also providingoutstanding services to support its customers worldwide. 

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