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Parag Milk Foods, a leading dairy FMCG Company forayed into the fat-free milk variant under their premium milk brand Pride Cows. The company plans to expand their Bhagyalakshmi Dairy Farm, which supplies milk exclusively under ‘Pride of Cows’ brand, to more than 15,000 cows by 2026 and therefore expanding the portfolio under this brand to create a market for increased milk being produced.

The Pride of Cows fat-free milk would be in its purest form with the fats removed, produced and packed in one of the most technologically advanced dairy farms in India. The result is the milk will be highly nutritious, fresh and unadulterated. 

Fat-free milk promises to be tastier and full of natural goodness without the burden of milk fats. Furthermore, the product will be adulteration-free, untouched by human hands and will be delivered fresh through the company’s Farm-to-Home business model.

With this launch, the company aims to provide an alternative to consumers seeking all the goodness of Pride of Cows without fats.

Elaborating on the launch Devendra Shah, chairman, Parag Milk Foods, said, “Parag Milk Foods has been a leader in the premium milk segment for a decade now. With the launch of fat-free milk, we are expanding our portfolio under the Pride of Cows brand, targeting a niche audience. The dairy industry is evolving rapidly, and consumers are getting more inclined towards building immunity and want to know the source of their products and looking at options like less fats. 

Considering this growing need, our Pride of cows Fat-free milk that will be delivered through the existing subscription model fresh from the farm directly to our customers at their doorstep every day. To cater to the growing consumer demand for safe, nutritious, natural and premium dairy products, we will be increasing our milk production capacity to 2,00,000 liters by 2026.”

Pride of Cows fat-free milk will be available in Mumbai, Pune Surat and Delhi. It is priced at Rs 120 per liter in Mumbai, Pune and Surat. In Delhi, it is priced at Rs 140 per liter. It will be available on our existing subscription-based model.

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