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Kaapi Machines recently installed India’s first Modbar, an innovative espresso brewing system at Araku Café, which paved the way to establish an entire experiential coffee station at the Cafe. In the process of establishing and forging new relationships with cafe entrepreneurs, Kaapi Machines anticipates expansion in the market with the mission of addressing the gap of efficient and sophisticated coffee equipment in India that could transform the superior quality of homegrown coffee beans into a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.  This coffee station along with Modbar installation serves as a well-defined sensory bar with rich coffee-brewing and retail experience where customers can sample manual brews with French Press, V60 pour over, AeroPress, Moka Pot and Chemex.


Talking about the collaboration, Abhinav Mathur, Managing Director & CEO, Kaapi Machines mentioned, “We found the perfect partner in Araku for bringing innovation and new age technology to the market. The Modbar setup became a catalyst for exploring an entire coffee station at the cafe. We aim to proliferate and collaborate more to offer a never seen before coffee brewing concepts and experiences for our patrons across India, kickstarting conversations about coffee brewing, culture, technicalities etc.”

Sherri Johns, GEMS, Araku Head Judge and Coffee Mentor, states,  “With Modbar being the start of a long lasting brewtiful relationship, filled with the perfect blend of elegance and functionality, we hope to strengthen this connection by diversifying our growth trajectory together.

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