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GEA will offer its customers and interested parties a contemporary alternative to the traditional customer event. The international industrial technology groupis hosting a series of digital events,which can be booked on demand and range from webinars and live discussions, to virtual demo experiences,all stagedat different production sites. Expert talks on trends and developments in slicing and packaging, rounded out with market-specific content, will provide participants with in-depth insights.

In addition to spotlighting the latest technological advances in machinery, GEA will take a closer look at new ways to achieve more sustainable packaging solutions anddiscuss how food companies can make the most of service offeringsas well as benefit from fully automated slicing and packaging lines.In this way, GEA is underscoring its position as a technology leader and manufacturer offuture-proof solutions for its customers. Participating companies will not only be the first to learn more about the latest innovations but also be able to discuss specific topics online directly with the technology experts.

The sessions will cater to food manufacturers interested in thermoforming and vertical packaging as well as slicing & loading systems for meat, sausage, ham/bacon, cheese, frozen food and vegetables. What’s more, GEA will also delve intolollipop production as well as confectionery processing and packaging.

More details about the onlineevents

The Spotlight Sessions at a glance

- In-depth webinars focusing on key, new products

- Option to request a private virtual or in-personsession on site at theGEAtechnology centers

- Roundtable with GEA experts and a guest speaker on sustainability in packaging

- Innovations in slicing, e.g. the new GEA OptiSlicer 6000 and GEA OptiScanner 1200 scanner

- The new GEA PowerPak SKIN.50 thermoforming packaging machine

- A new fully automated slicing & packaging line solution with a new robot loading system, line control and GEA SmartControl HMI

- Highlights in vertical packaging for the confectionery industry

- A detailed exploration oflollipop production

Machinery highlights

GEA OptiSlicer 6000 – optimizingprecision

The new GEA OptiSlicer 6000 brings together all the latest developments in slicing technology into one machine. This high-speed slicing machine is intended primarily for products with regular shapes, such as calibrated sausage, salami, cooked ham and cheese. The new slicer’s advantages include high-qualityprecision slicing and portioning, increased productivity, reduced downtime, easier maintenance and minimaltotal cost of operation.

GEA OptiScanner 1200 – innovative scanning that boosts yields

This pre-scanning system for productswith log lengths of up to 1,200 mm increases yields, while keepingthe giveaway percentage exceptionally low during slicing. Using parameters,such as density distribution and the detection of any irregular outer contours as well as holes and undercuts inside the products, the system’s software calculates slice thickness and the number of slices per portion priorto processing in order to ensure that the portions fall within the target weight.

GEA PowerPak SKIN.50 – excellent package quality

With the new GEA PowerPak SKIN.50, GEA isexpanding its portfolio of skin applications to include an optioncapable of packaging products with a height of up to 100 mm or a product protrusion of up to 50 mm. Thanks to an index length of up to 600 mm, the new PowerPak SKIN.50 offers increased capacity based on the die set configuration. The result is very high package quality with minimal risk of wrinkles forming, which makes the GEA solution very attractive to food producers. 

Fully automatic GEA Slicing & Packaging Line Solution – peak performance from a single source 

GEAis showcasing an automatic line concept that combines a high-speed slicer with an automatic pick & place robot loading system and the GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoformer. GEA’s automation expertise is further in evidence on equipmentsuch as an integrated leakage detection unit and the new robot loader developed for sliced products. When combined with the optionally available line control, which grew out ofGEA’s long-standing experience with automatic line solutions,and the highly innovative new GEA SmartControlhuman machine interface (HMI) for monitoring and controlling all line components,the GEAsystem offers customers the highest possible functionality and production liability.

SmartPackerCX400 D-ZIP –smart in every sense

This continuous motion vertical packaging machine creates resealable stand-up pouches for retail and food service. Byeliminating the zipper material in the cross-seal, this revolutionary innovation reducesthe amount of plastic required for the zipper byapproximately 15 percent. The system features a new corner seal unit that simplifies setup and improves overall quality. 

SmartPackerTwinTube –packaging simplified

Thanks to a combined production output of upto 500 bags per minute and a new reinforced modular design, the GEA SmartPackerTwinTube high-speed packing system delivers major productivity benefits as well asgreater flexibility and operational efficiency. This plant boasts a small footprint and is purpose-designed for high-speed packing.

GEA solution lines for lollipop production

GEA production lines not only have a positive impact on production uptime, performance and safety but also further improve customer productivity.GEA will offer insights into its ball and flat lollipop line solutions as well as 3D solutions with additional coating options. Further innovations, such as label onstick and film that will benefit the product, production and businessare also part of the lineup.

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