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Corporate Update

Corporate Update

With a new series of washing machines for the shaping tools of the extrusion machines, GEA is meeting the global demand for more efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to their improved hydraulic circuits and simplified mechanics they use less energy and water.

Constructed of stainless-steel, include the sturdy frames, the machines clean the die by removing any dough residue that gathers on the surfaces during production, thanks to an efficient washing arms movement system. The machines can accommodate one or more dies for pasta, snacks or pellets. Given the extent of the technical innovations, GEA has updated the product names for three machines: the GEA Round Die-Washer, GEA Universal Die-Washer and the GEA Universal Mini Die-Washer. 

GEA technology experts have developed the units with a focus on extreme reliability and efficiency units. Their simplified geometry and technical design maximize component performance. The machines are available in two types: Type M, is equipped with an intuitive control panel allowing easy access to the basic control functions; type E is equipped with PLC, and features an innovative washing area management system,enabling the operator to program and as well  as customize washing phases and modes, thus optimizing the execution time. 

The water tank in each die washing machine is based on a closed loop system, allowing the water to be recirculated after filtering. The triple filter system means the process water can be reused longer, resulting in a quickerwashing cycle, while requiring less water and energy, therefore extending the lifecycle of the pump. During the washing phase, the foam removal system with temporized water jets prevents the formation of foam, which ensures a more efficient washing process. 

“We are very happy with the development of the new die washing machines. We had clear goals for improving both their efficiency and sustainability, and thanks to our technicians, the results have exceeded our expectations,” says Simone Del Tongo, Sales Director of Dies and Moulds, GEA Pavan. “The new machines,” Del Tongo explains, “perform quicker washing cycles while reducing energy and water waste, which means lower overhead costs for our customers.” For those machines controlled via PLC, the washing area can be completely customized, allowing for more intense washing in areas that require more thorough cleaning. It would not be overstating it to say that the new GEA die washing machines have significantly raised the benchmark in the market,” concludes Del Tongo.

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