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Mr. Avneet Singh Founder Medusa Beverages Pvt Ltd

The Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown have halted all business activities, and a recovery will take time, even when the recovery starts, it will not be business as usual as pick-up in demand will take time. This is challenging for every stakeholder in the economy, especially the start-ups which are finding their feet. 

Alcoholic beverage manufacturing has always emerged as one of the highest growing sectors in India with huge demands increasing with passing days. But, due to COVID-19 outbreak the industry has indeed faced enormous losses with changing purchasing priorities of consumers which is now more focussed towards stocking essential goods and services. 

COVID-19 has adversely affected the food & beverage section which happened all of the sudden leaving the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages with few outcomes. The supply chain is disrupted, flow of funds has been stopped and as far as alcoholic beverages do not fall under the category of essential/necessary goods, its sales has declined to unforeseen rate. Witnessing the stocks, it is most expected that the goods produced by the breweries will get expired or reach to the stage of expiring with the end of the lockdown. Major season time of sales will also be over by the end of the lockdown. One must be prepared to bear the inventory losses due to this pandemic. With few in hand possibilities there are multiple problems which the beverage manufacturers are dealing with.

However, there is still no need to sit hopeless, worrying about the consequences of the market. It is the period of time when we can actually utilize it with a positive attitude in building opportunities within the industry. The time of quarantine can be used to fabricate potent strategies which can come into play as the lockdown reaches to its end.

Addressing such a crucial period of time what one can do at its best is to get into the shoes of a strategist and work upon the crisis analytically. Performing analysis of the market and comparative study in our spare time which we are calling quarantine, we can shape new strategies for the alignment of our future policies. Adopting 5 W’s and 1 H approach we can understand the industry, analyze inferences and therefore make judgements to get to the fundamental facts and abstraction of the crisis. We can deal with our underlying projects for their improvement. We can build on our strengths in order to better understand the hitting areas where the demand for alcoholic beverages can be generated post lockdown. Quarantine can be turned into a golden time period which we can utilize by working and reviewing our previous plans and their proceedings.

Our govt. has already taken several initiatives to promote a healthy environment for the growth of manufacturing sector in the country. And the alcoholic beverages manufacturers of this country can afford to bring into play the time of quarantine as a strategist so that whenever we address rising demands of people, we will be able to fulfil it with our easy supply in less time.

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