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Corporate Update

Corporate Update

TapTec™ Plus HF, with faster tank filling benefit delivers 25 percenthigher flow withoutcompromising filtration, is a superior product in the <2000 ppm TDS markets

DuPont Water Solutions, a business unit of DuPont Safety & Construction, launched TapTec™ Plus HF in December 2020 in the Indian market. DuPont™TapTec™ Plus is compatible with all residential water purifier brands and is the ultimate purification solution for the discerning consumers who demand a higher quality of life with clean household water.

Consumers today choose Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters which are among the most effective technologies for removing contaminants, disease-causing bacteria and waterborne viruses. However, some of the major concerns have beenpoor water flow, need for frequent filter replacement and high energy consumption.

TapTec™ Plus HF is made from advanced thin-film membrane technology and provides a unique balance of reliability and value for performance. Designed especially for the Indian water conditions, TapTec™ Plus HF is a long-lasting membrane, works for feed water up to 2000 TDS and gives up to 98 percent rejection with faster stabilisation. Customers now, can simply log in to the DuPont Home Water App and scan their purchased TapTec™Plus HF for orginality and reliability.

DuPont had discontinued production & sale of TapTec™ 75 RO element globally a year ago. This newer version from the TapTec™ series is currently available with the authorised distributor, Maxpure Water Systems Pan India.Since the launch in December 2020, the product has received an overwhelming response with positive feedback coming from partners and consumers. 

DuPont Water Solutions India Business Leader Chrys Fernandes said, “We thank you all for using the new TapTec™ Plus HF RO element which was designed after taking extensive feedback from you over the last year. Your feedback helped us create a new product that offers high rejection and high flow. TapTec™ Plus HF innovative product empowers you to use the same RO for various water conditions and a variety of water needs.”

Rahul Jhabak, Director, Max Pure Water System Pvt. Ltd. the authorised distributor said, “We have been associated with DuPont for the past 3 years, and we have received excellent customer response for TapTec™ Plus HF. They are very happy with the performance and we look forward to many such superior products from DuPont in the future.”

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