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Cornitos, a Made in India brand recently launched its ‘Cornitos By My Side’ campaign and featured 40 celebrity chefs from Pan India. The campaign talks about Cornitos being a snack brand for everyone, whether old or young, into the fitness of gaming, it has products for everyone. The campaign ran on the Facebook and Instagram pages.  The celebrity chefs created 40 unique recipes with Cornitos products for the consumers and posted their videos on https://www.facebook.com/Cornitosevents

Speaking on the campaign and association with 40 celebrity chefs, Mr. Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director, Cornitos said, “It was a unique and successful association with the celebrity chefs for our Cornitos by my side campaign. The celebrity chefs choose different products from Cornitos range of products and presented 40 unique recipes, the flavors of traditions like never before to the consumers. ”

The chefs prepared an array of unique recipes with products like Nachos, Taco Shells, Tortilla Wraps, and other ranges as well. 

Nachos are a versatile snack that can be added to different dishes or had as a snack by itself. Chef created innovative Cornitos Nacho recipes. The Dosa Tacos with Nachos by Master Chef Vijaylakshmi, Corn Nachos Bhel by Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, Loaded Cottage Cheese Nachos with Veggies by Chef Himanshu Rawat, Mexican Egg and Chicken Nachos by Chef Shaktik Banerjee, Mix Veg Achari Nachos in Mexican Wrap by Dr. Chef Varinder Singh Rana, Cheesy Herb Cornitos Croquettes by Chef Ajay Sood, Wrap Pie with Crispy Nachos by Chef Sarika Mehta, Baked Nachos Lasanga by Chef Parth Bharti, Potato Cheesy Nacho Bite by Chef Shipra Mathur were a few lip-smacking masterpieces created by the chefs! Consumers can buy Cornitos Nachos online from https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/nacho-crisps

Cornitos Taco shells were a plain canvas to experiment with for the master chefs. The recipes that master chefs made are Tacos stuffed with Crispy Shitake Mushroom by Chef Nitin Pal Singh, Mexican Tostada, Tacos & Nachos by Chef Nandini Diwakar, Indo Mexican Tacos and Wraps with Salad by Chef Ashish Raina, Taco Mexicana in Indian Style by Chef Sakshi Batra, Veggie Tacos (Italian) and Grilled Paneer Wrap by Chef Amit Kataria, Tortilla Mili Fili with Tacos by Chef Shibiraj Saha. Consumers can buy Taco shells online from https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/tortilla-wraps-taco-shells

Cornitos Tortilla Wraps were transformed into a bite of health by the Chefs. A few noteworthy recipes are Beetroot Tortilla Wrap by Chef Manisha Gupta, Battered fried onion ring with tomato salsa and sour cream & healthy tortilla wraps with super seeds by Chef Kamlesh Salve, Chilli Garlic Soya Nuggets Tortilla Rolls by Dr. Chef Saurabh Sharma, Tex Mex Tortilla Soup by Chef Japvir Singh Vohra, Tortilla Stuffed Mini Calzone by Chef Manpreet Singh, Triangle Pan Grilled Wrap by Chef Biplab Poddar, Cornitos Tortilla Cones by Chef Vimal Dhar, Quesadillas by Master Chef Ashish, Grilled Paneer Cornitos wrap by Chef Rahul Wali, Veg Wrap with Beetroot Hummus by Chef Ashok Sharma, Healthy Cheeses Wrap with Beetroot Sauce by Chef Mahendra Kariya, Wrap Pie with Crispy Nacho by Chef Sarika Mehta, Chicken Quesadilla (A fiber-rich wrap) by Chef Rahul Hans, Tortilla with Teriyaki glazed Beetroot and smoked pepper salsa by Chef Nishant Choubey, Veg Wraps With Beetroot Hummus By Chef Ashok Sharma, Healthy Cheeses Wrap With Beetroot Sauce by Chef Mahendra Khairiya, Easy Cheesy Cornitos Wheat Wrap by Chef Neelu Kaura Consumers can buy Cornitos Tortilla Wraps online from https://shop.cornitos.in/collections/tortilla-wraps

Other innovative Cornitos recipes created by Celebrity Chefs include - Multiple Cornitos recipes with Jackfruit by Chef Vinod Bhati, Cottage Cheese Fajitas by Chef Sandeep Verma, Rhythm of Ocean by Chef Venkatesh Sharma, Cornitos Pizza by Chef Veeta Singh, Cornitos Chicken Mashtini by Chef Gautam Chaudhry, Tacos With Wild Fig, Lima Bean Seeds, Mushroom & Cottage Cheese by Dr. Chef Prem Ram, Cornitos crushed Chicken strips with Salsa & sour cream by Chef Ram Gopal, Mexican tostadas With Roasted Vegetables & Salsa Varies by Chef Mandeep Singh, Taste various variants of Salsa by Chef Kapil Shahi from Radisson, Noida, Salamitos & Chicken Fritters by Chef Shuchi Narula, Healthy Moong nacho waffle with Ghoogri chana salad by Dr. Chef Sangeeta Dhar. 

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